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About Iluminal

iluminal is a performance enhancing, memory-improving, mood-brightening compound at the cutting edge of nootropic design. iluminal can help you improve productivity while avoiding the rebound effect of substances like coffee. Long-lasting and effective, without being overwhelming, iluminal can allow you to get the most out of each day. Whether you failed to get enough sleep, are overburdened by too many thoughts, or simply run down, iluminal can bring you back up to speed and help you to make today your best day yet.
iluminal contains no caffeine, yet it increases motivation and attention in a subtle and powerful way. Acting as a eugeroic, or ‘good wakefulness’ compound, iluminal offers increased wakefulness without the side effects of ordinary stimulants. Neither habit forming nor addictive, iluminal simply allows your mind to be clear and focused, concentrated and creative.

Developed through more than eight years of intensive research, iluminal may be the most effective nootropic ever developed. Try it today and see for yourself.